Process Equipment Engineering.

Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis and FEA

  • High pressure and temperature
  • Dynamic processes
  • Thermal and Mechanical Performance
  • High Stress requirements
  • Cycle operation (Start Up, Shut Down).
  • Heat Bridges, Heat Losses, Internal
  • Flow Effect: Vibrations, noise, pressure
  • Fitness for Service Assessment API
  • Compressibility effects (gases)

CHT Analysis – Conjugated Heat Transfer

  • Transient heating of solid / fluid
  • Tridimensional Heat Transfer inside solid / fluid
  • Heat Transfer controlled by Heat Capacity of solid
  • Phase change of solid / fluid
  • Large thickness equipment under cycle operation
  • Liquid/Gas circulation inside solid
  • High mass ratio solid/fluid systems
  • Heat transfer inside solid assumed as not negligible

Equipment Design

  • Heat Transfer
  • Hydraulic regimen influence
  • Mass Transfer
  • Gas-Liquid Systems
  • Solid-Fluid Systems
  • Heat Recovery
  • Reacting medium