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Written on June 13, 2017 · in Corporative, Press Releases, Research and Develop, Technical, Uncategorized

Author Miguel Angel García

MSLOOP aims to validate a technology consisting of developing a cost effective solar field for CSP Parabolic Trough Power Plants using optimized ternary molten salts as HTF with an innovative.. +

EDITOR Project. 24h Continuous thermal power supply based on CSP and concrete thermal energy storage

Written on May 3, 2016 · in Uncategorized

Author Miguel Angel García

The system shall consist of a mid-sized parabolic trough collector loop combined with a concrete thermal energy storage, and it is experimentally designed for industrial applications that require heating or.. +

CADE supported by JCCM in the development of SCWG technology

Written on March 24, 2014 · in Corporative, Press Releases, Technological

Author Miguel Angel García

Castilla-La Mancha’s Regional Minister for Finance, Arturo Romaní, paid a visit on past March, 17th, to our offices regarding the financial supporting of AVAL CASTILLA LA MANCHA for developing the.. +

Ongoing SCWG Super Critical Water Gasification

Written on April 12, 2013 · in Corporative, Press Releases

Author María Cordente Zaldívar

Supercritical water gasification (SCWG) is a promising technology for the efficient conversion of wet biomass (without predrying) into syngas rich in hydrogen and methane with a high calorific value.

CADE releases its brand new own technology product INNOSPRAY

Written on April 4, 2013 · in Corporative, Press Releases

Author Jesús Alajarín

CADE spray dryer has been designed to provide a cost effective method to minimize process waste liquids protecting the environment and providing a real save in operation costs.