CADE Technologies.

INNOSPRAY® technology allows to process flows with a high content of water (>90%) transforming them into a dried product through an innovative process based on spray drying.

The development of INNOSPRAY® has been conceived to supply an efficient, versatile drying method aimed to minimize and valorize residual streams, obtaining products of controlled granulometry for the chemical industry and production of nanoparticles.

Within its application range, INNOSPRAY® technology enables the cleaning and processing of hot gases using an aqueous stream as reaction medium.

Technology for valorization of wet biomass and hydrocarbon waste through supercritical water gasification, which allows obtaining syngas for direct energetic valorization by combustion or aimed to produce hydrogen. Zero effluent with water recuperation and carbon dioxide capture.

Highly competitive technology for the supply of process heating / cooling for industries through high temperature solar thermal power in form of thermal oil, steam or hot air (200-400ºC) and cold water (5-12ºC), with thermal storage capacity up to 12 hours after sunset.

processCSP allows its integration in existent industries replacing, totally or partially, fossil fuels for solar power, decreasing industry’s power cost and the risk of fuel’s price volatility.