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The gasification in supercritical water (SCWG) is a
promising technology for the conversion of wet biomass
(no need for drying processes) into syngas with a
high calorific power, rich in hydrogen and methane.

The process consists of gasifying biomass waste in
aqueous environment, under supercritical conditions
(above its critical point which corresponds to a pressure of 22.1 MPa and a temperature of 374 ° C), which cause the water to acquire particular properties (such as density , viscosity, thermal conductivity
and specific heat) to the transformation of wet biomass in high calorific syngas through a clean process, in which the appearance of the usual contaminants of conventional gasification technology, such as tar is avoided, while allowing recovery of the water
contained in the gasified biomass, CO2 capture and selective precipitation of the inorganic salts contained therein.

For such reasons the SCWG process is considered to be ideal for fixing the problem of residual wet biomass management and for its energetic valorization, being an additional source of revenue for the industry producing.

Biomass and organic waste are decomposed almost entirely in H2, CO, CH4 and CO2 by means of hydrolysis and oxidation reactions, a process favored by the high solubility in supercritical water of intermediate products.

SCWG Technology Advantages

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  • Wet biomass energetic valorization in a more competitive way than existing technologies (increasing energy efficiency by avoiding drying processes).
  • Energetic valorization effluents with high content of humidity (%H2O > 80 %) for which there is no viable technology alternative for energetic valorization nowadays (valorization and elimination of external management costs).
  • Syngas obtaining, hydrogen rich, with a high calorific power, clean and possibility of capturing the CO2 generated.
  • Selective precipitation of the inorganic compounds in the biomass.
  • Easy-to-integrate process within steam cycles, combined cycles and cogeneration: increase of the overall performance.
  • Zero dumping.

Commercial Applications

  • Alimentation and Drinks
    • Beer
      • Chaff valuation
    • Wine / Alcohol
      • Valuation of vinasse/lees/pomace
  • Agrofood
    • Oil/Olive
      • Valuation of vegetable water and aperujos (solid waste)
      • Valuation of orujillos (olive marc)
    • Fruits
      • Valuation of waste from citric transformation
    • Dairy industry
      • Subproducts valuation
  • Processed vegetables (Subproducts valuation)
    • Potatoes
    • Corn
    • Sunflower
    • rice
  • Biodiesel
    • Valuation of glycerin phase
  • Depuration
    • Valuation of sludge in WWTP
    • Valuation of pig manure
  • Chemical Industry
    • Thermostable
    • Thermoplastic
  • Paper Industry
    • Black bleach


  1. Akira Hirai
    April 4, 2016 at 17:03 · Reply

    We are a biomass consulting company and are interesting to apply your SCWG process for waste biodiesel glycerin gasification.
    Then,could you send us your experiences and process pricing,etc. ??
    Best regards,

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