Innospray. Innovation

Versatility and Profitability

INNOSPRAY® technology dries liquid flows transforming them into a dry product through an innovative process based on spray drying.

Versatility in the design of this technology allows processing a wide range of compounds, flow ranges and drying patterns with the very end of adapting the application of technology to products of diverse nature and composition.

INNOSPRAY®’s development has been intended to deliver an economical, versatile drying method aimed to minimize and valorize residual flows, as well as to obtain controlled granulometry products destined to chemical industry and production of nanoparticles. Within it application scope, INNOSPRAY®’s technology allows the cleaning and treatment of hot gases by using an aqueous stream as a reaction medium.

Application Scope

  • Reduction of the effluent volume to be managed. Drying of aqueous streams with a high content of dissolved solids.
  • Valorization of effluents (recovering valuable compounds from aqueous streams).
  • Control of drying granulometry and temperature of the product recovered.
  • Cleaning of hot gases (absorption and reaction processes in aqueous base).
  • Drying of intermediate and final goods in chemical industry (particle size control of the powder product obtained).
  • Drying of nanoparticles in aqueous suspension (control of drying granulometry and temperature).

Commercial Applications


  • Environmental Applications:
    1. Landfill leachates
    2. Osmosis rejections
    3. Industrial flows processing
    4. Wastewaters drying
    5. Gases scrubbing
  • Production process Applications:
    1. Nanoparticles
    2. Encapsulation
    3. Extract drying
    4. Dyes obtaining for fried and enamels
    5. Polymeric particles drying

Innospray Process


Optimization and integration of Innospray drying process

Process for solid powder products obtainment

(By Solar CSP or conventional fuels)

Spray drying for solid product obtainment
Water recovery by condensation
Key features:
Simplicity and cost- competitiveness in the product of powder products and water recovery

Minimization / Zero effluent / Valuation concept for contaminated water

(By Solar CSP or conventional fuels)

Spray drying for solid product obtainment
Water recovery by condensation
Key features:

Cost minimization in waste management and water recovery


  • Efficient drying thanks to a great contact surface.
  • Low temperature drying of solids avoiding the degradation of thermolabile products and creation of secondary products derived from high temperatures of drying process.
  • Control of the final powder product granulometry.
  • Low humidity of final product.
  • Possibility of integration with solar pre-concentration for a maximum profitability.