History. Originally engineered

Oil & Power

Since its start in 2003, the company has carried out more than 700 mechanical-structural and process engineering projects at the national and international level: developing, designing, optimizing, evaluating and validating equipment, plants, industrial applications, and energy and process technologies.


Since  2006 CADE  has deepened  and widened its specialization within CSP domain (Concetrated Solar Power), by integrating mechanical an process advanced capabilities with the goal of developing technology and providing high value services.

Some of main worldwide companies  within CSP are among our clients: Plant owners, Engineering companies, developers or manufacturing companies.


In 2009, CADE started to develop its own technology products  by counting on the support  of CDTI, whose commercialization is expected to be started by ends of 2013.


Since 2009 CADE starts its international activity, reaching in 2012 a 20% of total revenue of the company from the international market.



At present, CADE is positioned as one of the most relevant  engineering companies that  applies a combined approach of advanced capabilities in mechanical and process.


New markets (USA, LATAM), own technologies (CSP, process)  and new business concepts are within our inmediate challenges.