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Since its inception and given its nature as advanced engineering company, CADE operates in an international environment through Spanish clients. With this fundamental experience, starting in 2010 directly the company’s international expansion, primarily in Europe, reaching in just one year an export quota of 20%.

Nowadays, our company has international clients in various markets: Netherlands, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, United States, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Romania and South Africa.

CADE’s international strategy is based largely on setting up tight relationships or joint venture agreements with local companies in order to generate synergies, close contact with our clients and a thorough knowledge of the market.

Every partnership is long term established and built as a strong relationship based on trust by sharing a high technical and commercial value. This formula allows an agil and solid access to new markets and projects.

The company is currently exploring potential partners in such diverse markets like USA, MENA countries or India.

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We count on partners in several markets through which access to new clients and business opportunities has been possible. CADE outlines with each of its partners a consensus business strategy and directed to a specific market positioning in each of the markets in which the company is present.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

United Kingdom

United Kingdom


The CADE’s participated company TEKMA Tecnologias Energeticas y Medio Ambiente is founded in early 2013.

The goals and objectives of TEKMA are, among others, to develop decentraliced power generation plants  based on renewable energy source and waste within LATAM market.

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