Message from CEO.


10 years CADE

Since the foundation of the company in 2003 up to date, we have carried out more than 700 structural-mechanical and process projects, issuing technical reports, conducting designs and analyses relating to capital goods, pressure and heat equipment, complex structures and industrial plants. Along this period, the company has consolidated as a technology partner for those who has trusted us.

DBDaniel Berenguel CEO & Cofounder

At present, our range of operation is international. We mainly work with European clients within Energy, Oil&Gas, Renewables, Petrochemical, Chemical, among others, and focused on taking the plunge into the American market. We have consolidated references and works for the Spanish industry majors: manufacturing companies, engineering firms and owners of industrial plants. Our staff is mainly composed by Mechanical and Chemical Engineers.

We are immersed in a permanent transformation process, where the excellence in its widest sense must be our philosophy and business model concept.Maybe, this concept is related to a new way of how the business and the (global) competitiveness need to be understood.We are not only talking about the excellence throughtout the processes, systems management, or better practices, but also widely about the common Good, the creation of synergic consortiums and collaborating networks (to share risk and results by increasing the strenght and potential).We are also talking about concepts like the internationalization (there are no longer local markets), the job to be done the first time (eficiency and efectiveness, optimization of the organization), the search of final results that are not strictly measurables in financial terms (talent, know-how, personal and professional growth, social responsability, etc.), the idea of improving your company while you improve your surroundings (for instance: by transfering knowledge, motivation, and experience to the University you let feed the company with better professionals), the innovation (not only R+D+i related to technologies, but also to the company: business model, systems, processes, marketing, etc.). In conclusion, we are talking about promoting an enlightened company without losing sight of the final objectives: competitiveness and customer focus.

2012 Company’s turnover increased by 37% whitin the current acute crisis and reached 20% of exporting quota. Thanks to a team of 20 excepcional, devoted and commited people the company has opened new markets, deepened its specialization and technology capacity. This way, a decade of history has been closed  and our journey continues with a new spirit thanks to our staff, clients and partners who are our reason for being.

Nowadays CADE is one of the few Spanish Engineering companies that are specialised in power and process equipment by using mechanical thermal-structural analysis and calculation by means of FEM (Finite Element Method) in accordance to the most prestigious international design codes (ASME VIII D2; EN13445 DBA; API-579-1/ASME-FFS-1). We complement this work with a deep knowledge of conventional design based on ASME, EN, AD2000, CODAP.

Our specialization in structural design and analys spreads throughout the field of special and complex structures including towers, masts, silos and tanks, stacks, wires and struts, solar structures (CSP – heliostats, parabolics dish, and parabolic trough, PV and CPV – solar trackers) and fabrication/assembly tooling.

Along the last years CADE has deepened and widened its specialization within CSP domain (Concentrated Solar Power), by integrating mechanical and process Engineering, working with manufacturers, developers, Engineering companies and plant owners. Our whole potential and extense gained experience are devoted to this field in order to offer added value services during design/developent/operation stages.To Conduct Plant enhancement and optimization of existing plants, to be a strategic partner in new technology developments or to play a role as consulting experts are within our offer, always counting  on an advanced and multidiscipline engineering approach.