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CADE is for STEJASA more a partner than a supplier.

We count on CADE since 2003 as a highly reliable technical partner for mechanical advanced analysis and simulation of our products and technologies for many of our worldwide projects.

CADE applies a broad knowledge of mechanical engineering related to power generation field and provide us with expert support in order to solve and advise about complex technical issues.

My experience working with them is definetely positive and highly recommendable for those who are looking for engineering experts.

José Antonio Sánchez | Technical Manager

As a result of our companies succesful cooperation, GRIRO’s partnering up with CADE has made access possible to achieve a new dimension as a heat & process equipment manufacturing company.

Through CADE new advanced engineering capabilities have been incorporated within our supply, becoming a turn-key technology-equipment supplier.

These comprehensive capabilities put GRIRO at the vanguard of heat&pressure equipment manufacturing for Oil&Power worldwide.

I undoubtedly recommend CADE as a reliable and technically excelent partner to face to any complex technical challenge.

Dumitru Boanca | Sales Manager