CSP Technology. Concentrating Solar Power

CSP Natives. CADE lays at the upfront of CSP technologies and plants since 2006, supplying advanced engineering and consulting services for new and operating CSP plants around the world

CADE lays out a global and independent focus for different problems in design, construction and operation of CSP plants by combining advanced capabilities in mechanical and process engineering with extensive expertise and experience in the sector.

Its objective is to respond to the growing needs for advanced technical solutions and specialized support for conventional engineering, collaborating with the different parties involved in CSP technology: consultants, engineers, constructors and operators.

Expert CSP consulting

  • Conceptual design and optimization of HTF/TES/SG systems, depending on plant location.
  • Sizing solar field.
  • Development of energy storage technology and applications.
  • Minimization of parasitic losses.

CSP Engineering and consulting partner

  • Basic and detail engineering (Engineering owner).
  • Assessment / Analysis of potential optimization in operating plants (thermal, hydraulic, and operating strategies). HTF/TES/SG systems.
  • Advanced mechanical analysis of equipment and parts.
  • Failure analysis of critical equipment. Implementation and monitoring of upgrading measures.

Technology for CSP commercial plants – electric production (>50MW)

  • Thermal Storage System (TES).
  • CSP Structures.

EP (Engineering and procurement) company

  • Technology for commercial CSP plants for power/thermal supply for industrial plants (<5MW)
  • TES system based on high temperature concrete

Postioned at the forefront of CSP worldwide

  • References with main CSP players worldwide. 15 Plants in Spain, North Africa, South Africa and USA
  • Combined multi-disciplinary engineering approach. Advanced Process and Mechanical analysis
  • Relevant experience in re-engineering and optimization of operating CSP plants.
  • Own tools for Thermal-Hydraulic optimization, adapted to specific CSP plant location
  • Relevant experience in Process and Mechanical design of main equipment within SG and HTF packages.
  • Relevant experience in developing innovative applications of TES.
  • Outstanding experience in CSP structures and solar field.
  • Concept and development of own power technologies based on renewables sources. (Financed by both own and public funds)
  • Experience in development of technological and innovative projects together with Spanish and foreign companies.
  • Presence in CSP sector since start-up of commercial CSP plants in Spain.
  • International competitiveness.

Our specialties

  • Assessment / Analysis of potential optmization in operating plants. Proposal of improvement measures.
  • Implementation and monitoring of upgrading measures.
  • Design and optmization of HTF/TES/SG systems. Expert advisory.
  • Advanced mechanical analysis of equipment and parts
  • Failure analysis of equipment and parts
  • Development of energy storage technology and applications
  • Basic and detail engineering

Relevant features

  • Re-engineering, optimization and upgrading of 4 operating CSP plants: HTF, TES, SG
  • Design and analysis of more than 50 pieces of HTF/TES equipment in 15 CSP plants (Spain, USA).
  • Development of CSP structures (distinct technologies for more than 500 MW in 20 CSP plants): Parabolic Trough, Stirling dish, Heliostats. (Spain, MENA, USA)
  • Development of engineering packages (Khi-Kaxu South Africa)
  • (R+D) Design, engineering and supervision of molten salt as HTF pilot plant
  • (R+D) Development of thermal energy storage technology based on concrete

Clients and partners

  • MAC

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