SCWD – Super Critical Water Desalinization. CADE obtiene el apoyo del Programa Innova-Adelante de la JCCM.

Como en convocatorias anteriores, CADE obtuvo el apoyo de la Junta de Castilla-La Mancha con una destacadísima valoración de entre las numerosas iniciativas presentadas dentro del programa INNOVA-ADELANTE de la JCCM. Dentro de la línea tecnológica SCWG (Gasificación en Agua Supercrítica) que CADE lleva desarrollando desde 2012, y de las múltiples aplicaciones industriales que podrán … Read more

CADE lanza CADE COBOTS. Soluciones de robótica colaborativa.

El objetivo de esta nueva línea de negocio, denominada CADE COBOTS, es el de desarrollar, suministrar e integrar soluciones completas “llave en mano” para la automatización y optimización de procesos industriales, mediante robots colaborativos. Los cambios hacia modelos industriales inteligentes y adaptables a necesidades y procesos son  los conceptos fundamentales de una r-evolución que es … Read more

CADE to participate as speaker in the CSP FOCUS MENA 2018, next June 27-28 in Marrakech Marocco

Within Session 5: Frontier Technologies and Research Results, CADE will present progress and results of most promising R+D projects in which the company is currently immersed. CADE, together with first-class international players are developing a new generation of CSP plants based on Molten Salts as HTF in the framework of MSLOOP 2.O project. MSLOOP 2.0 … Read more


MSLOOP aims to validate a technology consisting of developing a cost effective solar field for CSP Parabolic Trough Power Plants using optimized ternary molten salts as HTF with an innovative hybridization system. CADE take part of the consortium toguether with COBRA, SCHLAICH BERGERMANN PARTNER, ARCHIMEDE SOLAR and UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID The MSLOOP 2.0 consortium … Read more

EDITOR Project. 24h Continuous thermal power supply based on CSP and concrete thermal energy storage

The system shall consist of a mid-sized parabolic trough collector loop combined with a concrete thermal energy storage, and it is experimentally designed for industrial applications that require heating or cooling on a 24 hour basis. CADE, in consortium with protarget AG, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. / German Aerospace Center (DLR), Solar-Institut Jülich … Read more

INNOSPRAY® Waste Drying: Towards Zero Discharge

Sewage depuration, seen from a simplistic, general point of view (omitting some treatment secondary processes) is no more than a series of processes aimed to eliminate suspended or dissolved solids in a pond of water which is required to be as purest as possible. Every regular wastewater flow / sewages treatments are pretend to perform … Read more

R&D in CADE, from fresh ideas to bench scale facilities: INNOSPRAY project

In CADE, we have a tremendous passion for advanced engineering. Designing and implementing a new process is one of the most challenging tasks that a company may face, especially if your resources are limited. Personally, I think it also is one of the most rewarding. What a successful R&D strategy should be like? And, focusing … Read more