Industrial solar thermal is more manageable thanks to thermal storage

Thermal storage (TES) facilitates integration with your thermal process, achieving the adjustment of the renewable thermal generation curves and the process demand, maximizing the share of renewable solar energy penetration into the process and reducing losses.

What we offer:

Business case study, turnkey solution or energy supply contract including the most efficient alternative for thermal storage (SolidTES own technologies, pressurized water tanks, thermocline)

The thermal storage (TES) allows to minimize the waste of the solar resource excess of produced thermosolar energy. In an installation with TES, annual energy uses of over 80% can easily be achieved.

The thermal storage system is of special interest when you want to obtain a high% coverage of the total demand (> 40%) by means of solar energy, by adapting the generation curve to the demand curve of the installation.

We offer the study of the type and capacity of the best storage system for each case, designing and supplying storage systems in pressurized water for facilities in which temperatures are below 180ºC and in solid materials for high temperature applications between 180ºC and 400 ° C.


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