Process Solutions

Solar Field:
Hydraulic Balancing

  • Performance analysis
    Tube status analysis: replacement strategies.
    HTF thermal degradation risk analysis.​

TES: Improved storage system

  • Loading/unloading strategies
    Hot drainage systems
    Leak Management Systems (HTF / Salts)
    Simulation of salt tanks.
    HTF / Salts Exchanger Train Analysis

TGV: Exchanger Train Analysis​

Feeding water system / Steam

  • Desgasificator​
    Power pumps
    PSV networks
    Improvements in dosing and sampling system.
    Steam turbine performance analysis
    Operating strategies to avoid operational problems (steaming, corrosion, fouling, thermal shocks)
Integrity and Performance Consulting

Condition assessment of main systems and equipment. Determination of accumulated damage, remaining life and probability of failure.

Definition and implementation of Improvement Strategies for the operation, availability and reliability of equipment and main systems (CS / HTF / TES / GV).

Integrity consulting and root cause analysis of failure in service of equipment and main systems.

Technical Consulting (owner’s advisor) for the evaluation and resolution of disputes with suppliers in relation to guarantees, performance and / or reliability of equipment and systems.

Comprehensive Modification and Improvement Engineering

Basic and detailed engineering for the definition and implementation of improvements and modifications in the different plant systems.

  • Systems independence
    Improvements to system availability in the event of a failure
    Modifications to improve equipment and system maintenance.
    Improved hot drainage systems and vents
    Improvements to reduce thermal shocks in TGV
    Improvements in drainage system in TGV and preheaters.
Adequacy Level C Inspections

Comprehensive support for compliance with C-level inspections of pressure equipment, including:

  • Identification of test conditions
    Identification of pressure equipment
    Plant sectorization 
    Exhaust Source Analysis (ATEX)
    Mechanical analysis of pressure equipment for testing
    Flexibility analysis and pipe support to evaluate increased loads by installation of new sectorization elements (flanges, discs, valves, line-stops)
    Procedures and requests with the administration of special conditions for acceptance of proposed evidence
    Basic and detailed engineering of modifications required for the execution of the tests
    Legalization of changes made to the plant
    As-Built Engineering and 3D Mockup Update

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