Root cause analysis to determine the origin of cracks in the roofs of salt tanks and definition of proposals for improvement and solution of the problem.

  • Tank inspection (visual inspection, thickness measurement, identification of areas with internal corrosion using MRUT methodology, temperature control and measurement in hot areas of the tank)
  • Operating data analysis according to DCS
  • Thermal-structural simulation under standard operating conditions
  • Assessment against fatigue and thermal shocks
  • Tank simulation during the warm-up process
  • Assessment of foundation settlements in tank structural behavior
  • Vibration assessment in piping systems
  • Corrosion assessment due to air tank contamination.
    Stress Corrosion
  • Cracking Assessment (SCC).
  • Chemical analysis of salts
Main results:
  • Identification of mechanical risk associated with vibrations in connections
  • Identification of mechanical risk in piping due to the effect of settlements
  • Identification of mechanical risk due to the preheating process
  • Identification of mechanical hazard due to vibrations
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