• Water Quality: Operating Condition Review (DCS and Plant Analytics) Vs. Recommended Values
  • Effect/Impact of water quality on core equipment
  • Exchangers: corrosion, depositions, loss of performance
  • Steam turbine: Fouling (Na, Si, Metal oxides) and loss of performance
  • Mechanical carryover analysis in Steam Generator (SuperHeater fouling and Steam Turbine)
  • Review of the dosing system.
  • System review and sampling procedures.
  • Thermal analysis of exchangers: by-pass identification, fouling, steaming.
  • Mechanical analysis of TGV exchangers (accumulated damage per operation, operational limits)
  • Definition of commissioning and stop procedures for the reduction of steaming, corrosion and soiling in equipment.
  • Definition of operating strategies to increase the TGV’s lifespan.
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