Digital CSP plant

Digitalization portfolio and industry 4.0 focused on solar thermal plants
Improved asset management and O&M under paradigm 4.0, from specific equipment or asset, units or systems, to complete plants

Intelligent 3D plant model:

  • LASER 3D SCAN: Point clouds generation and photorealistic plant models for improved management
    SMART 3D mockups: 3d model generation including asset data and information and operation and maintenance

Digital twin: real-time critical asset monitoring and analysis for decision-making and prediction: 

  • Condition-based and predictive maintenance
    ANALYSIS-MONITORING of status, integrity, life and failure prevention of critical equipment
    Complete DIGITAL TWIN of equipment or systems with sensorization, monitoring, intelligent analysis, simulation and experimentation capability, to improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment or system.

Methodology for the analysis and optimization of renewable steam cycles.
Water Quality Analysis vs Industry Standards and Regulations

  • Review of the sampling system
    Review of the dosing system
    Analysis of the current status of computers:
    • Corrosion (pitting, FAC, low tank, …) 
      Fouling, performance, by-passes, etc).
      Accumulated damage from current operation (fatigue, thermal shocks)
  • Identification of operational improvements to avoid detected deviations (increased service life, improved performance)
    Cycle performance analysis
    Reduction of leaks (PSVs, drains, purgers)


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