LCOH (10 years) (not including CO2 cost, neither CSP subsides) (*)

Savings vs other heat sources in the industry

Optimize your thermal generation operating costs using renewable solar thermal energy

Industrial solar thermal energy is already the most competitive source for heat generation in industry.

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Business case study, turnkey solution or energy supply contract.

(*) Investment reference (CAPEX) and operating costs (OPEX), including fuel cost, for 10 years for heat generation of 4000-6000 MWh per year. Levelized cost (of energy in the form of heat (LCOH) in € / MWh calculated for 10 years of amortization of the installation, 3% discount rate and without considering additional advantages for the savings associated with the elimination of CO2 emissions, increase expected fuel price or public subsidies and that the useful life of the installation is 25 years.

The costs of thermal generation through renewable solar thermal energy have been drastically reduced in recent years, making industrial solar thermal energy already the most competitive source for the generation of heat in the industry.

The levelized cost per MWh of thermal generation, considering a payback period of 10 years, is half that of diesel and is practically the same as that of a minimum generation scenario using natural gas (€ 20 / MW h), without considering the cost of emissions or subsidies.

We offer tailor-made solutions of clean and competitive technology for the generation of heat in the industry

  • Through consumer investment models and profit maximization
  • Through energy sales contracts, in which it would not be necessary to face the investment.

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