Basic & Detail Engineering

We are redefining how things are done in industrial plant projects

An industrial plant-engineering project must be considered alive and evolving from its conceptualization up to its operation start up. 

Furthermore, basic mechanical engineering must interpret and ensure client’s requirement throughout the project lifecycle and provide an agile and reliable interface with other players of the project (owner, contractors, suppliers).

Engineering works must ease an optimum plant construction stage in technical, delivery time and costs terms, so that an optimal project management, technical accuracy, and error avoidance is a must. 

Experience and knowledge, powerful design software tools and total-quality management are the keys on which a successful industrial engineering project is supported. From conceptual early stages to start up and firt operation tests, CADE delivers first-class engineering services, including:

Plant Engineering Services and Expertise Consulting
Glycerine Distillation Plant - Berantevilla - Spain
Plant Engineering Services and Expertise Consulting
Steam Auxiliary Boiler -Marcinelle CCGT Power Plant- Belgium

Basic Mechanical Engineering

  • PFD
  • P&ID
  • Data Sheets
  • Line Lists
  • Valve Spec.
  • Instru. Spec.
  • Control valves
  • PSVs
  • Hook Ups
  • Piping Classes
  • ATEX
  • Control Architecture
  • Signal Lists
  • Control loops
  • Functional Description

Detail Engineering

  • 3D integrated model (civil works, equipment, structures, piping)
  • Plant Layouts and General Arrangement drawings
  • Piping routing and isometric drawings
  • Piping stress/flexibility analysis and supporting
  • Civil and Steel works design and stress analysis
  • MTOs
  • Purchasing Engineering
  • Construction procedures
  • Construction Supervision
  • As-Built drawings


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