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The russian company Lukoil-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez is about to complete the installation and commissioning of the new equipment for the units “SRU & HC Gas Fractionation Units HDT & HPU / ROG PSA” at its refinery Kstovo (Russia). (1)

Images courtesy of Griro SA

The project developed by KT Italy  by means of EPC-LS modality has relied on GRIRO SA (2) for the supply and manufacturing of a package of 14 items (13 process columns, and 1 incinerator). (3)

CADE, which has developed the complete mechanical design of the equipment, has participated in the project as design engineering supplier (GRIRO SA). CADE’s scope of works has included mechanical calculation and design, finite element analysis of critical parts, manufacturing drawings and as-built review, based on the prescriptions of codes GOST 34347-2017 and ASME VIII Div. 1 & 2, as well as the LUKOIL / KT‘s own specifications for the project.

Images courtesy of Griro SA

The project has been a great challenge for CADE, both due to the volume of work, the great coordination required between the different parties involved in the project, and the difficulties derived from updating to a new version of the local design code (GOST), once the project had started.

Our thanks to KT Italy and especially GRIRO for the trust placed in CADE and the unconditional collaboration of all parties to complete the project successfully.

(1) Project data:

  • GFU 425 ktons/y
  • SRU 80 ktons/y
  • HPU 50 kNm3/h
  • ROG PSA 60 kNm3/hDHT 1530 ktons.

(2) Since last 01/01/2020 GRIRO SA was renamed Grivita Rosie s.r.l. –Walter Tosto Group)

(3) Equipment designed by CADE:

  • ARU Amine Regenerator
  • Primary Absorber
  • Stripper Column
  • Secondary Absorber
  • Debutanizer Column
  • Washing Column
  • Fuel Gas Amine Absorber
  • LPG Amine Extractor
  • C3/C4 Splitter Columns
  • COS Hydrolysis Extractor
  • LPG Mercaptan Extractor
  • TGT Amine Absorber
  • Quench Column
  • Incinerator

Further information:

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