OMAN, a market to consider

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CADE was present on the first business meeting organized by the newly established Spanish Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Jose Luis Bonet. To this meeting, in which the Spanish Secretary of State for Commerce Jaime García-Legaz proposed to establish a Spanish-Omani Business Council, attended a wide and selected business delegation, led by the president of the Omani Chamber of Commerce Said ben Saleh Al Kiyumi.

ARTTo Bonet, “It is necessary for the SMEs to get to the Omani market” since “it has been the big Spanish companies the ones that have led the way in Oman”. According to the IMF, Oman is the fifth biggest economy on the Arabic Peninsula in terms of GDP (79,552 million dollars) behind Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait, representing 5.1% of the region GDP. Regarding per capita GDP Oman holds fourth place (29,813 dollars per capita) behind Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.

Oman also ranks fifth as oil exporter of the Arab Peninsula. Over the whole oil exports for the GCC, Omani exports represents 4.9%, behind Saudi Arabia (47.6%), UAE (15.9%), Qatar (14.8%), and Kuwait (14.4%). However, Oman is the second biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas (3,925 million dollars), just behind Qatar (25,027 million dollars).

Bonet announced that the Chamber of Commerce of Spain is organizing a visit with a delegation of Spanish businessmen to the Sultanate of Oman, which CADE expects to attend in order to keep strengthening its professional relationship with several Omani companies. In fact, CADE already boats of references on Oman of advanced engineering consulting services in the evaluation of complex problems in an operating petrochemical plant that demands great technical expertise.

Source: ; Oman Tribune

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