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CADE was founded 2003 by two enthusiastic and brilliant mechanical engineers determined to apply and bring on structural and thermal advanced simulation services into the power generation industry,  entailing an innovative engineering approach for the conventional design and engineering methods at that time.


CADE’s cofounders Daniel Berenguel & Víctor Peralta

Based on the same disruptive approach and counting on a successful track record with major companies, CADE has evolved into a global and recognized engineering and consultancy company able to deliver comprehensive solutions to toughest technical challenges around the globe.

Nowadays, a deepest multidisciplinary engineering knowledge, highly skilled and committed  team of engineers, together with a solid business management, make CADE an independent leading engineering and consultancy company around technology, equipment and plants within oil&power industries.

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Turnover growth
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Staff growth
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Clients served
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Our differentiation

These are the axes that define CADE’spirit and make a difference for our clients:

The innovation (not only R&D&i related to disruptive technologies or technical challenges, but also to the company: business model, systems, processes, people development, marketing, etc.).

The excellence in the job to be done the first time (efficiency and effectiveness, optimization of the organization).

International focus as part of company’s DNA (there are no longer local markets).

The search of results that are not strictly measurable in financial terms (talent, know-how, personal and professional growth, social responsibility, etc.).


Daniel Berenguel

Daniel Berenguel


Víctor Peralta

Partners and Managing Board

Daniel Berenguel

Daniel Berenguel

Chief Executive Officer


Víctor Peralta

Chief Operation Officer


Miguel Ángel García

Chief Business Development Officer


José Bautista

Chief Technology Officer
VP Process Engineering


Patricia Berenguel

VP Mechanical Engineering


Alonso Romero

Patricia Berenguel

J. David Haro

José Bautista

Itziar Vidondo

Pedro Montes

Jesús Valera

Nuria García

Miguel A. García García

Ángel Fajardo

Daniel Berenguel

José Bermejo

Sonia Oliva

Víctor Ruiz

Manuel Hernández

Raúl Moreno

José Javier Zornoza

Javier Martínez

Alfredo Rodríguez

Paula Iglesias

Luis López

Víctor Peralta

Miguel A. García

Daniel de los Santos

José Ruiz

Sergio M. Marcos

Francisco Javier Monje

Daniel Alcolea

Jesús Alajarín

Jorge Sepúlveda

Teresa Pascual

Javier Herrero

Cristina Narro

Adrián García

Alberto Arias


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