Equipment Engineering

We are redefining how things are done in industrial plant projects

CADE provides full engineering and design services around heat transfer, process and static equipment, ranging from process specification up to detailed drawings.

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Reactors, Columns and Towers
  • Tanks

CADE delivers advanced equipment engineering services to equipment suppliers, EPC contractors and Plant Owners.

  • Process Simulation
  • Basic Engineering
  • Thermal & Hydraulic Design
  • CFD simulation
  • TEMA/API Design Codes
  • Mechanical Design (DBF and/or DBA)
  • FEA/CHT Simulation
  • ASME/EN Design Codes
  • Detailed Drawings valid for constructions
  • BOM
  • Owner’s Engineering

  • Suply Specification

  • Review of technical bids

  • KOM with supplier

  • Supervision of Manufacturing

  • Commissioning

  • Plant Coordination

  • Start up technical support

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