Process & Mechanical Engineering Consultancy Services

When problems require in-depth technical knowledge

3rd Party Mechanical Engineering Consultants

Because of our expertise in the design, fabrication, construction and analysis of equipment and special structures, we have served as technical independent advisor in disputes involving liabilities between the designer, fabricator, operator and contractor. Oftentimes, an unbiased expert party is the unique guarantee solution to avoid further costly and long legal procedures.

CADE provides mechanical engineering consultancy services for any project/plant stage:

Engineering Expert Witness Services

Based on our independence and objectivity means, CADE provides expert witness and forensic investigation for companies involved in legal proceedings usually related to non-compliance of process/mechanical performance or failure in components, equipment or plant assets within Oil&Power industries, among other sectors.

Our support can clearly explain the precise reasons for failure in laymen’s terms and our services provide independent analysis, reviews of technical evidence and documentation, and provision of both written and oral testimony to courts, arbitrations, mediations and inquiries when required.

Due Diligence Assessment

We provide technical due diligence for evaluating the safety, reliability, and efficiency of processes and equipment. This includes an assessment of the current condition of components and systems, and their remaining operating life.

Technical due dilligences usually cover aspects as operation historic and its impact on accumulated damage of main equipment and systems, probabilistic forecast of major maintenance measures and replacement of main components of plant according to their current condition (with associated costs), operation strategies optimization based on repair/replacement costs and production outcome.

Most of times, due diligence are guided to acquire accurate information about the current and future status of assets, as essential matter when owner is negotiating:

due diligence optimizada

Upgrading and modernizing Investment on aging plants

Long term O&M contracts with third companies

Determination of actual value of assets and depreciation mechanism

Determination of dismantling cost and residual value of assets


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