Heat Transfer Equipment Technology

One-source technology, engineering and detail design partner.

CADE delivers full design and engineering of heat transfer and process equipment and units in oil&power industries by playing a role of technology and engineering partner for manufacturing companies, EPC contractors and plant owners.

CADE goes along with manufacturing and plant owner companies by providing in-depth expertise and technical support along both bidding and construction stages.

Waste Heat Boiler Manufacturing. Courtesy of GRIRO
Courtesy of MAIVISA

Engineering and design services range from process, thermal, hydraulic and detailed mechanical design, to procurement, commissioning and process performance advisory:

  • Thermal&Hydraulic design and plant process integration
  • CFD simulation of heat transfer and flows performance.
  • Mechanical design
  • CHT studies (Conjugated Heat Transfer)
  • FEM advanced analysis
  • Detail engineering. Manufacturing drawings
  • Advisory around underperformance, heat losses, performance reduction and Troubleshooting of existing equipment

Heat transfer equipment

Direct Fired Heaters – Furnaces – Boilers (API560/ASME I/ASME IV) for monophasic/multiphasic processes:

HTF boilers, superheated water boilers, water bath boilers, crude heaters, refinery furnaces (convective+radiant sections), vis-breakers, saturated steam firetubed boilers, saturated steam watertubed boilers, fluidized bed combustion boilers

Shell and tube heat exchangers (TEMA/API 660) for monophasic/multiphasic processes:

Gas coolers, water coolers, compressor inter-coolers, recuperators, superheaters, reheaters, economizers, evaporators, condensers, waste heat boilers, LP-HP feedwater heaters, etc.

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (API 661) forced or induced draft for monophasic/multiphasic processes:

Gas coolers, water coolers, oil-coolers, condensers, etc.

Cross-flow heat exchangers (finned tubes and cross-flow gas) for monophasic/multiphasic processes:

Recuperators/economizers, air preheaters, multi-effect evaporators, condensers, etc.

Direct contact heat exchangers for monophasic/multiphasic processes:

Deareators, degassers, cooling towers, exhaust gas heat recuperator (packed bed condenser), evaporative condensers, etc.

Cooling and heating of vessels/tanks (internal/external):

Jacketed vessels, suction heaters for viscous fluids, coils (agitation/non agitation).

Flue Gas Scrubber. Courtesy of GÜNAK

Process equipment (mass transfer as main feature)


  • Gas (steam) vs. liquid 1 vs. Liquid 2 (immiscibles): three phase separator gas-water-crude
  • Gas vs. solid: gravity separation, cyclones, bag filters, wet scrubbers, etc.
  • Gas vs. liquid: gravity separation, coalescers, demister pads, etc.
  • Liquid vs. solid: (thickeners, clarifiers, centrifuges (hydrocyclones), plate filters, etc.
  • Liquid vs. liquid (immiscible fluids): gravity separation (decanters), coalescers, etc.
  • Solid vs. Solid (gravity separation (decanters), coalescers, etc.

Separators (multi-component)

  • Distillation columns (random packed, structured packed, plates). Design of reboilers and condensers)
  • Absortion/Stripping columns (random packed, structured packed)


  • Conduction, convection (spray dryers, trommel, fluidized bed, flash), radiation

Other Process technologies

CADE delivers full engineering and proprietary design of process units and plants including detailed design of main equipment around the following technologies.

Technology for Aqueous solutions treatment

  • Removal of NH3, H2S, VOCs, CO2, Alcohols, MTBE

Technology for Treatment of Gas-Phase streams

  • Adsortion Drying of gas streams with organic and inorganic components
  • Absortion of H2S, CO2, NH3, etc. in refinery gases.
  • Adsortion of HCl in refinery gases.
  • Removal of solid particles by means of cyclones, scrubbers, venturi washers, etc.