Structural Engineering

Concept, Design & Analysis, Fabricability

CADE provides advanced structural engineering expertise along both design and operation stages of an extensive tipology of structures :

  • Solar Structures
    • Parabolic trough
    • Heliostat
    • Fixed PV structures
    • 1 or 2 axis PV structures
    • Stirling Dish
    • HCPV
  • Heavy Structures
  • Steel Plate equipment (By-Pass Systems, Diverters, Dampers, Ducts, etc.)
  • Chimneys, flares and stacks
  • Guyed structures
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Special Structures
  • Non-metalic materials
dual axis PV solar tracker structural engineering services
Single Axis PV tracker
dual axis PV solar tracker structural engineering services
Dual Axis PV Solar Tracker

CADE develops from conceptual design to 3D-2D detailed design (valid for manufacturing)  as well as structural analysis and simulation (FEA/CFD) covering most of international recognized structural codes and standards. By collaborating with recognized entities, CADE implements wind tunnel testing  or structrual strengh tests as essential input of structural engineering and design projects.

CADE provides consultancy support for large manufacturing series of structural products by covering aspects as manufacturing and assembly tooling desing, definition of inspection procedures and statistic control, quality assurance plan, etc.

Furthermore, CADE delivers consultancy and engineering services over existing structures subject to extreme load conditions or new operating requirements aimed to life extension, failure root cause analysis, design validation or reengineering.

diverter by pass system structural engineering
Diverter - By Pass System
CAD CAE detail model of joints STS Cranes: Structural Engineering
CAD-CAE detail model of joint- STS Cranes
Structural Engineering
Telecom Structure
CADE hydropwer plant intake structure
Hydropower Plant Intake structure