Power Generation

Energy Experts

CADE  provides a full complement of engineering services for  power plant projects. From new power plants to renovating existing facilities, we offer complete life-cycle solutions from conceptual engineering through operations support.

Steam cycle, Boiler equipment, water systems, cooling systems, ductwork, or flue gas systems, among others, are commonly object of design, engineering or consulting works related to performance, efficiency or mechanical integrity.

Usual delivered services

  • Design criteria and system descriptions
  • Steam Cycle simulation and optimization
  • Sensibility studies
  • Performance assesment of existing plants
  • Plant operating problem analysis and solutions
  • Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering and design
    • Heat balance diagrams
    • Water balance diagrams
    • Piping and instrument diagrams
    • Equipment, pipeline, valve and specialty lists
    • Piping and ducts engineering
    • Pressure vessels and heat transfer equipment design 
    • Steel equipment thermal and structural design
    • Piping and ducts engineering
Courtesy of STEJASA