MSLOOP 2.0: Key Elements for New Solar Thermal Energy Plants

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MSLOOP key elementos for new solar thermal energy plantas (workshop)

As a member of the MSLOOP innovation project consortium,  CADE has recently participated in a workshop and discussion session in Madrid to disseminate the results of this project.

Under the topic of “MSLOOP 2.0: Key elements for the new solar thermal energy plants”, main industry actors, plant owners and investigating scientist related to the project met at the Complutense University of Madrid. 

*Photos provided by COBRA. 


MSLOOP started in November 2016 and has been funded by the European Commission under the Fast Track to Innovation Programme (H2020) that promotes close-to-the-market innovation activities. In this framework, the project has aimed to validate a business opportunity by developing a cost-effective solar field for CSP Parabolic Trough Power Plants using optimized ternary molten salts as heat transfer fluid with an innovative hybridization system.

The result of the project has been a new solution of a CSP commercial plant with at least a 20% LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) reduction. This plant is able to provide firm and dispatchable electricity through a disruptive hybrid plant concept and is even more environmentally sustainable.

CADE has played a relevant role in the definition of the solar salt field pre-heating and drainage systems. CADE has been part of the MSLOOP consortium together with COBRA, SCHLAICH BERGERMANN PARTNER, ARCHIMEDE SOLAR and UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID.

MSLOOP Project

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