SolidTES - Thermal Energy Storage System

Concrete-based Thermal Energy Storage system

SolidTES is a simple thermal energy storage concept based on a multi-tube array (throughout which HTF passes) embedded in a high thermal performance composite material which composition varies depending on operational temperature range required. System is able to operate with distinct heat transfer fluids, such as molten salts, thermal oil, pressurized water, steam or air,  from renewable or convetional power sources.

SolidTES implies an inexpensive, more compact and simpler operational solution in comparison to a pressurized hot water storage systems, among others,  due to the main following features:

  • Alternative to the significant costs related to the great volume of high pressure water storage required in systems based on pressurized water storage for the required temperatures.
  • Minimum land surface required due to its modularity and flexible construction system. Adaptable to existing surface by means of available options of design.
  • Specific design for an optimized relation between energy capacity and power delivery.
  • Piping instead of vessels pressurized system, leading to design cost effectiveness.
  • Minimum previous civil works required.
  • Simplicity of mechanical/structural elements of the system.
  • Shorter delivery time lines.
  • No maintenance required.
  • No significant operation costs.
SolidTES; Energy storage system
Pre-assembly of solidTES modules (62KWt - 300 KWh). Ready to shipment to EDITOR plant in Cyprus

Storing thermal energy with solid blocks

SolidTES is a Thermal Energy Storage system based on solid-state blocks modularly added to achieve demanded thermal energy capacity ranging from 150 up to 500 ⁰C.

Solid blocks are traversed by steel tubes heat exchanging with internal heat transfer fluid (HTF), thermal oils, molten salts, air, pressurized water or steam coming from both conventional or renewable heating sources (gas boilers, concentrated solar power, etc.)

Workshop EDITOR
Assembly solidTES modules installed in EDITOR plant.

Due to its extreme thermal capacity, very compact and cost effective system is possible, providing a thermal storage solid solution: secure, easy, stable, firm, strong, massive, sound and reliable.

SolidTES thermal energy storage system is charged by sensible heat using hot HTF up to required temperature and discharged when process heat demands by heating colder HTF. Available HTF medias range from water, steam, air up to thermal oils and molten salts.

SolidTES - Thermal Energy Storage System
EDITOR plant operating with solidTES thermal energy storage system in Cyprus.

SolidTES storage system optimizes thermal process heat plant operation by better utilization of solar energy:

Fully modular and scalable system, up to several MWht, allowing for 24h continuous solar thermal energy supply.

Solid-state storage technology using specially developed and innovative materials, a specific kind of mineral composites with superior thermal performance

Operation over a wide storage temperature range, up to 500°C or even higher by special design, by different materials formulation and components specification.

Suitable for a wide range of process heat applications – customized solutions according to particular needs- and specially fitted for low, medium and high temperature processes.

High operational flexibility, robustness and simple O&M.

Durable and safe technology.

Efficient manufacturing process and logistics (precast or site casting supply).

High efficiency of storage (94%)

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