CADE supported by JCCM in the development of SCWG technology

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CADE supported by JCCM in the development of SCWG technology

Castilla-La Mancha’s Regional Minister for Finance, Arturo Romaní, paid a visit on past March, 17th, to our offices regarding the financial supporting of AVAL CASTILLA LA MANCHA for developing the SCWG project (Super Critical Water Gasification technology) that CADE is currently developing with funding by CDTI.

 Click here to watch the video (In Spanish language only)

Regional Minister Romaní emphasized CADE’s path since 2003, highlighting specially the evolution of the company during the last years and its strategic positioning as an innovative and high-specialized company internationally.


SCWG Project is framed within the business development strategy followed by CADE focused on obtaining a positioning as a technology supplier on the areas of power and industrial environment.

 SCWG is an innovative technology based on the valuation of biomass with a high content of water into the production of hydrogen and syngas.

 This technology results, in addition, in an economically profitable alternative to the valuation of waste with high content of water that is currently a serious problem for industry due to its difficulties to management and disposal, especially within agri-food industry.

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