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Saving vs photovoltaic

surpassing the best known solar technology: photovoltaic for industrial heat generation

Industrial solar thermal energy, due to its high performance to generate heat, requires between 3 and 4 times less space than photovoltaic. And it can be stored very effectively to deliver energy when there is no sun, even up to 24hx7d.

specific performance

What we offer:

Generation of manageable thermal energy and with the best use of the available surface.

Genere calor para utilizar calor,  la energía solar de concentración optimiza los costes energéticos al ser directamente utilizable en el proceso sin necesidad de conversión, a diferencia de lo que ocurría con la energía eléctrica de origen fotovoltaico

Generate heat to use heat, concentrating solar energy optimizes energy costs by being directly usable in the process without the need for conversion, unlike what happened with electrical energy of photovoltaic origin

Get the most out of your land. With equal space used, concentrating solar energy can obtain between 3 and 4 times more than the thermal energy that would be obtained with photovoltaic energy.

Solar thermal technology is the one that offers the highest energy yield per unit of occupied space of all solar exploitation technologies, making it the most economical source of clean energy that makes the best use of space for heat generation in the industry

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