ReGen Europe 2020: capturing energy & co-products from biomass and waste

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ReGen Europe 2020: capturing energy & co-products from biomass and waste

CADE will present its technology for gasification of biomass waste in aqueous medium (Supercritical Water Gasification – SCWG) in Biogas Europe, as part of two-days exhibition ReGen Europe, dedicated to capturing energy and co-products from biomass and waste resource streams.

The aim of SCWG technology is to generate a methane-rich pressurized syngas, recover water without any appearance of tars and obtain selective precipitation of inorganic salts. This solution is expected to become especially useful for waste treatment in multiple industrial applications:

  • Waste water treatment (sewage sludge valorization)
  • Digestates from anaerobic digestion
  • Animal manure from intensive farming
  • Biodiesel (glycerol valorization)
  • Agrifood (processed vegetables, fruit, oil/olive, …)
  • Food and drinks (wines, alcohols, milk industry, …)
  • Chemical industry (thermoestables, thermoplastics, …)
  • Paper industry (black liquor)

Based on supercritical water gasification (scwg) technology, CADE has developed ZeroSD (Zero-Sludge-Disposal Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant), which also will be exposed during ReGen Europe 2020.

About ReGen Europe

ReGen Europe 2020 will take place on January 29th and 30th in the Exhibition Park of Nantes (France). A broad programme including international conferences with simultaneous translation, international business meetings, study tours, an innovation competition and parallel complementary events for wood energy and biogas make ReGen Europe the unmissable meeting point for 2020!

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