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SCWD – Super Critical Water Desalinization. CADE obtains the support of Castilla La Mancha Community Council with the program Innova-Adelante

Super Critical Water Desalinization
As on previous calls, CADE obtained the support of the Spanish Castilla-La Mancha Community Council (JCCM by its Spanish acronym) with an outstanding evaluation, among numerous initiatives that had been submitted to the program INNOVA-ADELANTE.

In the context of the SCWG (Supercritical Water Gasification) technology, that CADE has been developing since 2012, and between the many of industrial applications that may arise from it, CADE submitted the project ‘CADEi-0012-SCWD’ to the 2018 call of the JCCM’s program Innova-Adelante .

This project consists of the conceptual definition of the commercial use of ‘SCWD – Super Critical Water Desalination’.

‘SCWD’ is an industrial plant concept for the treatment of water used the cooling tower blow-down, which allows water to be reused in the cooling tower and reduce the amount of generated waste, thus avoiding its disposal in riverbeds.

To carry out the conceptual definition of the plant and to obtain its operating parameters, CADE has designed and builtan innovative salt separator and performed the corresponding separation tests, on its own pilot plant for supercritical conditions (SCWG) at its experimentation facilities located in Albacete, Spain.

Project challenges and purpose

  • Engineering, conceptual definition and construction of a specific salt separator for the treatment of cooling tower blow-down affluent with allows the performance of separation tests.
  • To carry out separation tests at CADE’s super critical plant, while registering the necessary parameters for process performance evaluation and characterization of the obtained products.
  • Analysis of the results of the separation test in order to obtain the process’ technical parameters. The knowledge about the process, the optimization of its conditions and the type of materials that should be used in further commercial applications, will be acquired and expanded by the results obtained from these tests. Analysis of results will allow the verification of the separation results (obtained by theoretical models) and their updating, in order to adapt them to the actual results obtained in the plant.
  • Technical definition of the SCWD product and its costs estimation, based on analysis of results obtained during the separation tests.

Project Funding

This project has been founded by the Castilla-La Mancha Community Council’s program Innova-Adelante, and co-funded by the European Development Fund.

Sello financiación CLM

Further information about SCWD

For any further information about how to reduce cooling tower water consumption with SCWD, please complete the following form:



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Parque Científico y Tecnológico

Paseo de la Innovación 3, 02006 Albacete – España

Tel. +34 967 19 01 72


Santiago Bernabéu, 3 Entreplanta
28036 Madrid – España

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