Solar Thermal heat for industrial processes: Decarbonize and save? Definitely yes

The industry is today faced with the challenge of a changing scenario, in which the perspective on a sustainable energy model and with a reduction in CO2 emissions is already an urgent reality. It is necessary, already today, to decarbonize current energy models and reduce energy generation costs

More than 70% of the industry’s consumption is carried out in the form of heat (steam, thermal oil, superheated water, or hot air), and it is fossil fuels that dominate the sources of industrial generation. To date, there have been several barriers that have stopped the industries from implementing renewable heat solutions: the leveled price of energy compared to fossil fuels, the difficulty of manageability, and thermal storage, the technological risk, or even the absence of clear policies regarding the implementation of those solutions.


Industrial solar thermal energy

Tailor-made solutions for the integration of solar thermal in industry

It seems clear that the policies that are already being implemented towards renewable generation models, industrial decarbonisation and increasing costs for CO2 emissions are already an appropriate scenario. But are there already competitive solutions on the market? Definitely yes.

Having a technically robust solution, which is 100% renewable, generates heat at a price lower than natural gas, that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is not subject to fluctuations in fuel prices, is already a reality.

CADE develops integrated solar thermal industrial heat solutions with thermal storage, counting on the solvency and experience that allows us to have facilities operating without interruption since 2018.

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