EDITOR Project’s Workshop: excellent organization and outstanding participation

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Workshop EDITOR

CADE wants to thank all attendants and participants of the EDITOR Project’s Workshop held in KEAN SOFT DRINKS LTD’s facilities in Limassol (Cyprus). The event took place with an excellent organization and had an outstanding participation of some of the most relevant Cypriot industrial players, who showed great interest in this innovative technology product for industrial thermal power supply.

About EDITOR and solidTES

EDITOR is a pioneer initiative for 24h-continuos process steam supply based on Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and an innovative Concrete-based Thermal Energy Storage (solidTES) funded by European Commission within Solar-Era_Net program. For this project, SolidTES implements a specially conceived and patented material named HEATEK supplied by the Spain-based company ARRAELA. This material is made of a singular formulation of special cements and metallic fiber additives, among other compounds, aimed to accumulate heat energy at high temperatures without losing its structural capacities.

Nevertheless, the design of solidTES is specially engineered to be built using alternative heat accumulating materials and one of the most outstanding features of solidTES is its capacity of integration with existing thermal power supply facilities (steam boilers, HTF boilers, water boilers. etc.).  Another critic aspect of solidTES is the capability of automated operation, considering the industrial plant operation requirements (heat consumption) and the availability of solar source (clouds, night, etc.).

Furthermore, solidTES is a fully modular and scalable cost-effective system, able to be installed in the order of MWths, running with diverse solar field technologies. 

Congrats to all who made it possible!

Congratulations to all who made it possible: Stelios Constantinou (KEAN SOFT DRINKS LTD), Víctor Alberto Ruiz Martínez (CADE Soluciones de Ingeniería, S.L.), Martin Scheuerer, John Mitchell, Siddharth Dutta, Nicolas Ürlings (protarget AG), Soteris Kalogirou, Rafaela Agathokleous and Panayiotis K. Ktistis (Cyprus University of Technology), Spiros Alexopoulos, Johannes Sattler, Vikrama nagababu Atti (Solar-Institut Jülich) and Christian Jung (German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Further information about EDITOR and Thermal Energy Storage Systems:

CADE works for a large number of Parabolic Trough and Tower CSP plants around the world, providing engineering and consulting services to optimize and upgrade operating plants, as well as advanced analysis and evaluation of critical assets (mechanical integrity, performance, accumulated damage, remaining life, etc.). For any further information request about EDITOR Project and its thermal energy storage system, please complete the following form:

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