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Expert Engineers, not just simulation software users

CADE is a pioneer company in the application of CAE and simulation services in oil&power industries since 2003.

Based on an extensive background of more than 15 years, CADE delivers leading advanced simulation, engineering and consultancy FEA/CFD services around heat transfer and process equipment, non-conventional structures, high temperature piping or ducts systems and a wide range of equipment and structures: 

  • Solar Structures (Parabolic Trough, Heliostat, Fixed PV structures, 1 or 2 axis PV structures, Stirling Dish, HCPV…)
  • Industrial Buildings
modal analysis frecuences and resonance in vibration analysis
  • FRP Equipments and Structures (Non-Metalic Materials)
Structural engineering: FRP structures (non metalic material)
  • Steel Plate Equipment (By-Pass Systems, Diverters, Dampers, Ducts, etc.)
Steel plate: structural engineering
  • Chimneys, Flares and Stacks
Ingeniería estructural: análisis de chimeneas
  • Heavy Structres and Cranes
Ingeniería estructural: cranes structures
  • Guyed structures
Guyed structures - Ingeniería estructural: estructuras atirantadas
  • Special Structures
Special Structures (Structural Engineering Services)
  • Railway Structures
l modelo de elementos finitos (distribución de tensiones sin considerar el sistema de suspensión)

Simulation Capabilities

FEM Analysis (CAE)

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Welding process FEM simulation for optimized PWHT validation

CFD Analysis

Codes & Standars

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Transient CFD simulation of By-Pass System

CADE’s services usually require to evaluate complex physics, by deploying advanced simulation capabilities and techniques (transient conditions, multiphase flows, non-linear behavior, dynamic response, plasticity) to evaluate and foresee any critic failure mode (fatigue, creep, vibration, etc.)

CADE’s solutions based on advanced simulation engineering allow our clients to be supported with a cost-effective value engineering and consultancy expertise aimed to validate, assess and foresee an optimal performance of critical equipment and plant systems.

Gas-Gas Heat Exchanger - CFD simulation. Results of velocities distribution for geometry optimization
Heating-up ramp CFD simulation and shell distorsion FFS assessment of storage tanks
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