Plant Engineering Services

We are redefining how things are done in industrial plant projects

We provide high-level engineering across all major process industries with special focus on CSP (concentrated solar power), conventional power generation, refining and petrochemicals plants, where CADE counts on a relevant track record of executed plant engineering projects and supplied consulting and engineering services.

CADE delivers multi-disciplined plant engineering services including conceptual engineering, front-end engineering, detail engineering and design, procurement, commissioning and start-up support services fully adapted to our client’s requirements.

The difference that CADE makes:

We know the performance of what we design.

Awareness of critical aspects of equipment and systems arisen along operation life allow us to remediate them in early stages and implement the right solution along initial design phase.

Deep knowledge of supply chain.

CADE is used to work closely with licensors and equipment suppliers, construction works contractors, O&M companies or plant owners. We know what any piece of the chain exactly need to do the right work.

Good is not enough.

Excellent Engineering is the base of a reliable and optimized construction project with the highest capital and schedule efficiencies. We put ourselves in client’s shoes when specification, procedures, drawings, or operation manuals are delivered. Nothing must be subject to improvisation.

Adaptation, Flexibility and agility.

Working for plant owners directly or indirectly, where time schedules are tight, everything is needed by yesterday and right done the first time, requires a deep-focus on client. Implementation of internal management policies with the goal of standing by the client is a must for CADE.

Our capabilities include:


CADE operates using several business models; all are designed to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences, while delivering optimal flexibility and efficiency. We work with our clients to first understand their perspectives and then develop approaches that fit the unique parameters of their projects.


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