In projects for the modification or upgrading of existing industrial facilities, CADE regularly performs 3D laser scans in plants, in order to obtain precise and reliable data to generate 3D point clouds.

In previous years, it was necessary to start from customer-supplied models or manual data gathering, along with pictures and videos of the plant, which could lead to some margin of error. Such margin of error can now be significantly reduced thanks to the technology that is being implemented in CADE’s engineering projects.



3D laser scanners can provide accurate massive data in different areas and facilities, regardless of their complexity. This new data gathering methodology allows to gather accurate data that might become necessary due to modifications during the course of the project. Furthermore, such accurate data helps the client and engineering team to avoid extra visits to the plant and, as a consequence, reduce time and costs.


Several data files obtained from scanning survey are registered and processed, resulting in an extremely detailed 3D point cloud that can be worked on, re-designed and / or modified. For example, by reverse engineering this point cloud can be used as a model and be referred during design phases.

During such kind of projects, the generated point cloud becomes especially useful to design new piping systems, as it allowes to preview the possibilities of the new piping layout, to avoid collisions and obstacles (by using a 3D visualization software), and minimize deviations and errors in the manufacturing and assembly stages. Sometimes, it is necessary to consider real plant coordinates, so these plant references are implemented in the 3D point cloud, leading to a 3D point cloud in plant coordinate.


In existing facilities where no documentation is available (isometrics, general arrangement drawings, etc.), to be able to make a modification of the plant or simply as the final aim of the project, it is necessary to generate a point cloud. With this point cloud it is possible to model the different elements of the plant and generate a 3D model, as an as-built 3D plant.


Having a precise and reliable data gathering of an existing facility is essential in order to perform possible modifications, extensions or improvements subsequent to its design and construction, in the most appropriate form.

By means of 3D laser scans, CADE offers to its clients the technology necessary to generate point clouds of existing facilities, which can be georeferenced to adapt them to the relative coordinates of the plant.

Moreover, over this point cloud, CADE provides new installations modelling, which enables the generation of engineering documentation to its performance with maximum accuracy (isometrics, MTOs, etc.).

Authors: Jesús Alajarín Martínez y Alfredo Rodríguez Villena


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