The general objective of this project is to develop an innovative solution, such as the TES4Trig prototype, for the generation of heat, cold and electricity from solar energy. The main component of this prototype is a concrete and aggregate thermal storage module (TES) under development by CADE, which allows the generation curve to be adapted to the energy demand.

Different storage designs and materials are being studied with the aim of maximizing storage capacity and minimizing costs. In addition, the project is carrying out the study and selection of environmentally sustainable fluids such as refrigerants with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and low global warming potential (GWP), and silicone-based thermal oils.

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This initiative is formed by a consortium with partners from three different countries, as required by the CSPera.net call, these being private companies, Universities and Research Centers. The project leader is the National Technical University of Athens.

The aid granted to the company is subsidized by the Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial (CDTI) (Center for Industrial Technological Development). The project has a total budget of €1,649,031, of which €324,217 correspond to the work to be carried out by CADE.

Through the execution of the CADE project, it intends to develop an advanced thermal storage system in solid materials that overcomes the main barriers to the application of this technology at an industrial level. The main activities that are being carried out within this TES4TRIG project are divided into 7 work packages (WP):

  • In Work Package 1 “Identification of design parameters” CADE participates in the development of energy solutions related to the energy storage system. It contributes to this task by defining the characteristics of the TES and the different operating strategies. In addition, planning is being carried out for the on-site installation of the prototype, in which the company provides specific data on the storage modules.
  • Work Package 2 “System Design” is focused on the design of the different Tes4Trig subsystems: the storage system (TES), the parabolic trough collector (PTC) solar field and the organic Rankine cycle with ejector (ORC). -ECC), sizing and specifying main equipment, as well as the rest of the additional hydraulic, mechanical and instrumentation components. CADE leads this activity by integrating the different subsystems and designing the TES thermal storage subsystem.
  • In Work Package 3 “Manufacture and Installation” the tasks will focus on the manufacture, assembly and installation at the consumer site of all subsystems.
  • Work Package 4 “Development of the control system”, led by CADE, has as its objective the development of the prototype control system. This includes a supervision, control and data acquisition (SCADA) interface and will integrate the control strategies of each TES4TRIG subsystem, allowing the joint, automatic and safe operation of the integrated system.
    Work Package 5 “Plant Operation” includes the commissioning, experimental operation and performance evaluation of each subsystem and of TES4TRIG as a whole.
  • In Work Package 6 “Simulation and analysis of the system” CADE participates in the development of dynamic simulation models of the TES4TRIG integrated system, a useful tool for calculating and evaluating the energy performance of the global system and of the subsystems that compose it, under the different operating conditions. Regarding the optimization and validation of the TES, in the integration it is prioritized that the input temperature to the ORC-ECC module remains constant.
  • Finally, Work Package 7 is working on a “Dissemination and communication” plan that promotes the visibility and impact of the project’s results and effectively reaches those interested, through publications in scientific journals, participation in conferences international and specific workshops.

List of project participants:

Proposer name
Funding Agency


National Technical University of Athens



133.753,00 €



"DEMOKRITOS" National Centre of Scientific Research 



67.000,00 €



Aachen University of applied sciences  Solar - Institute Jülich



279.614,00 € 



CADE Soluciones de Ingenieria, SL



207.377,00 €



Protarget AG



269.520,00 €






48,645,00 €



1.005.909,00 €


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