CADE to participate as speaker in the CSP FOCUS MENA 2018, next June 27-28 in Marrakech Marocco

Within Session 5: Frontier Technologies and Research Results, CADE will present progress and results of most promising R+D projects in which the company is currently immersed.

CADE, together with first-class international players are developing a new generation of CSP plants based on Molten Salts as HTF in the framework of MSLOOP 2.O project.

MSLOOP 2.0 project started in November 2016 and is being developed by a European consortium composed of five partners from three European countries: Spain, Germany and Italy. The project is receiving funding from the EC under Fast Track to Innovation Programme (H2020).

MSLOOP aims to validate a business opportunity consisting of developing a cost effective solar field for CSP Parabolic Trough Power Plants using optimized ternary molten salts as HTF with an innovative hybridization system (HYSOL). The result of the project will be a new solution of CSP commercial plant with at least a 20 % LCOE (levelized cost of energy) reduction; capable of providing firm and dispatchable electricity through a disruptive hybrid plant concept and more environmentally sustainable.

Concerning incipient market penetration of industrial CSP process heat applications, CADE will share with the attendants, the features and results of EDITOR Project. EDITOR consists of a pioneer demo CSP plant provided with a concrete-based Thermal Energy Storage system (TES) that is aimed to supply thermal energy to a beverages production  facility in Cyprus, on a 24/7 basis.

EDITOR’s goal is not just to verify an innovative, groundbreaking system to storage energy based on concrete, but it will also operate on temperatures over 400°C, which is made possible thanks to a new receiver tube and an innovative, environmentally friendly silicone-based thermal oil.

CSP Process Heat applications are currently emerging as a promising technology application for intensive heat industrial consumers. CADE is involved in process CSP applications since 2010 playing the role of TES technology provider and plant engineering and integrator.

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 CADE counts on a relevant presence and positioning within world CSP industry since 2006 providing expert engineering, consulting and technology services, working along with 20 operating CSP plants worldwide, apart from many others references along design and construction stages.

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